The Super Eco


The Super Bar is a handmade, cold-pressed, vegan solid shampoo for those wishing to ditch the plastic bottle whilst taking care of their hair. Packaged in a funky and useful drawstring bag, it is guaranteed to stand out on the shop shelf! The Super Bar can be hung in the shower to dry between each use without the mess of a soap dish and can put straight into the wash bag for travelling.
This zingy, citrus shampoo bar is packed with essential oils and nettle extract to make the hair really glow. Some of the key ingredients are Nettle (which is great for the scalp), Coconut and Castor Oils (which create a wonderful lather and a longlasting bar), Olive and Avocado Oils, (which have gentle cleansing properties) and Bergamot and Lime Essential Oils (to make the bar smell amazing). Not only does The Super Bar make going plastic-free easy, it is made in Australia from natural luscious ingredients which are free from SLS, Parabens, GMO and Palm Oil!


Finally a natural deodorant that actually works! The ingredients in Super Pits have been specially formulated to eliminate bacteria under the pits, stop you smelling and provide long lasting protection. Available in three essential oil infused scents (Posy, Zing and Wild).

It is extra strong, super-natural and plastic-free, keeping armpits smelling super for up to 12 hours
Super Pits are also Cruelty Free, free from aluminium, alcohol, parabens and other nasty chemicals, as well as having no synthetic fragrances. Australian-made in an eco-friendly, solar powered workshop in Byron Shire.