The Naturalist – Hand Sanitiser & Organic Soaps


The Naturalist hand sanitisers are made with 80% ethanol (from Australian wheat) for proven effective action against germs. Australian certified organic aloe vera juice helps soothe and moisturise skin and certified
organic glycerine (palm free) maintains skin hydration. Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils add antibacterial power and a fresh, clean scent. The Naturalist hand sanitisers are antiseptic and kill germs quick

The Naturalist soaps are crafted using Cockatoo Grove organic extra virgin olive oil, mixed and poured by hand
and cured for a minimum of 9 months, the traditional way. Representing the best in quality and simplicity they
are pure and natural, as soap should be. The long curing time ensures a creamy lather gentle cleansing and long-lasting soap with 100% olive oil providing luxurious moisturising and cleansing.