Australian made and owned, certified vegan and not tested on animals.

The range includes toothpastes, mouthwash, deodorants and supplements.

The toothpastes and mouthwash contains no fluoride, SLS or sugar. Each contains natural ingredients with properties proven to promote oral health such as aloe vera, tea tree, xylitol and neem.

The Crystal Deodorant is composed of natural minerals which help control body odour in a simple and natural way by stopping the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the skin. They contain no aluminium chlorohydrate and are unscented and hypo-allergenic, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Grants Liquid Chlorophyll is naturally alkalising (contains alfalfa concentrate) and rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. It supports detox and can improve energy levels and gut function, promote healthy skin and greater wellbeing.