About Us

Organic Trader began with a dream back in 2001 of an enthusiastic brother and sister team, Natasha and Jason Lewis, who wanted to take the organic revolution in Australia to the next level. Having studied and worked as a naturopath, Natasha had seen the benefits of natural foods and health products first hand. Her commitment to organic agricultural practices soon brought her in contact with advocates for Fairtrade. the system that allows producers in the developing world to receive fair payment for their produce. Australians have always been about giving people a fair go and she knew that a business that marketed a combination of environmentally sustainable products with those that offered fair price to producers would reap great rewards.

From starting off as a home business. Organic Trader has been transformed into one of Australia’s most important distributors of eco, organic and fairtrade products. With market penetration in a wide range of industries, Organic Trader is constantly updating its product range and customer base to efficiently deliver high quality products.

We search the world to bring you the best, Eco, Organic
and Fair Trade products